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  • At PIQTU, we specialize in a broad range of media. In fact, we have so much experience in various forms of media that it is not uncommon for our clients to gasp when we tell them how many various forms of marking vehicles we can deploy. We understand that the net is vast and infinite and there is a place for your products to be marketed precisely and well.

    Identity? We love coming up with new looks for your company. Consider us the brand make-over kings.

    Print? No problem. Good design is at the core of all our projects. We have people camping out under the press watching to make sure every plate is perfectly aligned.

    Video? We have that. We have a team photographer/videographer minutemen waiting around the country ready to shoot anything, anytime, anywhere.

    Flash? Our Actionscript developers are looking for a good challenge. Just try to stump them. We still have a copy of Macromedia Flash 2.0 in the closet. That's how long we've been doing Flash. Of course we have the new version as well.

    Web? We live on the net. We are constantly immersing ourselves in new trends in web technology as we are educated consumers of the net and possibly are using your products already.

    Motion graphics? Once again, design is king. We'll make your video presentation shine.

    Photography? Good photography serves as the foundation for every area of media we work in and we are constantly experimenting with composition to get exactly what we feel is best for the project. We aren't event photographers though. Please, no wedding invitations.

    Sound like we know what we're doing? Give us a call or fill out the form to the right. PIQTU. You Have Chosen Wisely.®